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About Sunderland
The Town of Sunderland Massachusetts was founded in 1718 and is located in Franklin County. Originally Swampfield Sunderland was renamed in honor of Charles Spencer, the Earl of Sunderland and former prime minister of England.

The town contains about 4000 year round residents.

Sunderland is home to Mount Toby State Forest which is a favorite hiking, biking and trail-riding spot for visitors and residents alike. The towns “Buttonball Tree” which is over 350 years old located on North Main Street is also a large tourist attraction.

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The O's Bar Presents Truck Stop Troubadours A Tribute To Outlaw Country
The Os Bar located in Sunderland is the best place around to grab some friends and have a good time. Plenty of beer, wine, cocktails and music. With live music on Oct 10th with the Truck Stop Troubadours Tribute To Outlaw Country !! Paying Tribute To All Of Your Favorite Country Outlaws, Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Hank And So Many More...

When: Oct 10, 2015 9 PM in Sunderland, Massachusetts
Cost: $7.00 Cover Charge (Sat, 10 Oct 2015 21 )
Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour
The Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour is a four-day, 240-mile cycling adventure across Massachusetts. The autumn tour begins in the scenic Berkshire hills, rolls through the Connecticut River valley and spins through Lexington and other historic communities before arriving in the capital city, Boston. There participants join more than 5,000 cyclists for Hub On Wheels, Boston's annual cycling festival.

When: Sep 16, 2015 12 AM to Sep 20, 2015 12 AMin Sunderland, Massachusetts (Wed, 16 Sep 2015 00 )
Outer Stylie

When: Jul 19, 2015 12 PM in Sunderland, Massachusetts (Sun, 19 Jul 2015 12 )
Physical Environment Presented by Forsefield Inc.
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When: Aug 19, 2015 6 PM in Sunderland, Massachusetts (Wed, 19 Aug 2015 18 )

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